Sloth Messenger Bag

Sloth Messenger Bag

This Sloth Messenger Bag is the perfect gift for the hippest of hip sloth lover in your life. It features a cute, smiling sloth peeking out of the exterior pocket.

Made of quality canvas. Measures about 12″ long x 3″ wide x 16″ high. 22.5″ shoulder strap.

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Mountain Men Sloth Face T-Shirt

The Mountain Men’s Sloth Face T-Shirt

The Mountain Men’s Sloth Face T-Shirt features a giant sloth face on a t-shirt … what’s not to love? It is 100% cotton, machine washable, and ultra comfortable. Perfect for those slothy days when you just want to relax and be yourself.

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The Like a Sloth Shirt

The Like a Sloth Shirt

The Like a Sloth Shirt will have you rocking it like a boss! Do you know someone who uses the phrase “like a boss” (maybe your boss)? If you do or you or someone you know just has to have the ultimate in super cool, sloth related apparel then this is the shirt for you.

This high quality print shirt is pre-shrunk for consistent sizing. You will definitely turn heads and spread smiles with this awesome shirt.

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Sloth Kiragumi Costume

Sloth Kigurumi Costume

This Sloth Kigurumi Costume will turn your gift recipient into the world’s coolest and most comfortable sloth. Kigurumi is the Japanese word for performers in costumes that represent cartoon characters or animals, but you don’t have to be a performer to enjoy this costume.

One size fits all adults over 5 feet tall. 100% fleece. Machine washable. Cute as can be.

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Ugly Sloth Christmas Sweater

Men’s Ugly Sloth Christmas Sweater

This Men’s Ugly Sloth Christmas Sweater is exactly what it sounds like – an ugly Christmas sweater with a giant sloth wearing a Santa hat on it. It is bright red with white and black details It comes in XXL for bigger guys.

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Funny Flip Up Sloth Shirt for Women

Ask Me Why I’m Lazy Funny Flip Up Sloth Shirt For Women

Ask Me Why I’m Lazy Funny Flip Up Sloth Shirt For Women is a hilarious way to show the world your love for sloths. When you flip the shirt up over your head, you turn into a smiling sloth. It is printed in the USA on premium poly cotton blend.

The sizes run a bit small so order a size up if you are unsure.

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Sloth Face Charm Earrings

Sloth Earrings

These Sloth Earrings feature high quality images surrounded by durable and very clear urethane. They are an affordable and adorable way for you or someone you know to express their love for this awesome animal.

Each earring measures a bit over a half inch in diameter. You might also like the matching sloth bracelet.

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Sloth Face Bracelet

Sloth Bracelet

This Sloth Bracelet features a smiling sloth face. Do you already have the earrings and the keychain? Perhaps you should round out that collection with this adorable bangle? If you are looking for a gift for a sloth lover, any of these sloth charms would make them smile but the bracelet might just be our favorite.

This bracelet is adjustable and will fit almost anyone. You might also like the matching sloth earrings.

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Christmas Sloth Socks

Santa Claws Christmas Sloth Socks

These Santa Claws Christmas Sloth Socks are a great way for your feet to celebrate the holidays in sloth style. Wearing Santa Claws around on your feet is going to make everything better. Sizes for men and women.

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Life in the Slow Lane Sloth Hoodie

Life In The Slow Lane Sloth Hoodie

This Life In The Slow Lane Sloth Hoodie is the perfect hoodie for spending a lazy day doing whatever the heck you want. It comes in many different colors and sizes so you can find that perfect sloth hoodie for you or your gift recipient.

50/50 cotton/polyester.

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Sloths Illustrated Book

Sloths Book

This Sloths Book is a perfect way for the casual sloth enthusiast to learn more about their favorite animal. It is rated for kids four years and older but reviewers on Amazon confirm that sloth lovers of all ages will appreciate its informative and entertaining tone.

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Sloth Love Mug

Sloth Love Mug

This Sloth Love Mug is one of the cutest sloth items we’ve ever seen. Do you need that perfect little something to brighten up the day of someone who loves sloths? Does that person drink coffee or tea? Then this might be just the right gift.

This mug is safe for the dishwasher and microwave. Reviewers were unanimously impressed with it and mentioned that the packing was also secure so that you’re sure to receive your purchase safe and sound.

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Sloth Pendant Zipper Pull Charm

Sloth Zipper Pull Charm

The Sloth Zipper Pull Charm has a multitude of uses that will bring a smile to the face of any “slothusiast.” You or the lucky recipient of this cool pendant can use it in a number of different ways. It is intended to be a personalized zipper pull but you can also put it on keys, a charm bracelet or any other place you want to make a slothy statement.

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Sloth Vinyl Magnet Set

Sloth Vinyl Magnet Set

According to the “kids these days,” this Sloth Vinyl Magnet Set is “uber cool,” “super awesome,” and allows one to stay “frosty fresh.” Even adult sloth lovers will enjoy arranging their new sloth buddy on refrigerators, dishwashers, filing cabinets, etc., at home or at work. Kids can post their sloth on their lockers at school and have the most uber awesome frosty fresh locker in the building. As everyone knows, sloths increase the coolness of everyone they hang with!

The sheet of tough, fade resistant magnets measures about 7″ x 10″.

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Sparky Sloth Book

Sparky! Sloth Book

Sparky! was created by the illustrator and production designer of the movie Coraline. It is about a little girl who gets a pet sloth named Sparky. It features beautiful watercolor and pencil art to convey the nuances and emotions of the story.

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I Love Sloths Vinyl Decal Stickers

I Love Sloths Vinyl Decal Sticker

Show the world that you’ve got love for the slow and steady with these I Love Sloths Vinyl Decal Sticker. What better place to put a reminder of how you run the race than on your car? Sloth lovers can enjoy this high quality decal even if they don’t have a car.

This sticker would look great adorning a computer, mirror or window. Have fun and personalize any smooth surface with this awesome decal.

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sloth earbuds

Sloth Earbuds

These Sloth Earbuds will make it more fun to listen to your favorite music or podcasts. They are white earphones with a urethane encased sloth on each earbud. They have flat wires to help reduce tangling.

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SIGG Kid Cuipo Steve the Sloth Water Bottle

Kid’s SIGG Sloth Water Bottle

This Kid’s SIGG Sloth Water Bottle is free of BPA and Phthalates and is 100% recyclable. It is made by Cuipo, a company dedicated to saving the rainforest, and SIGG, a Swiss manufacturer of premium water bottles.

If you enter your activation code after purchase, a square meter of rainforest will be saved in your name.

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Sloth Pendant

Sloth Pendant Necklace

This unique Sloth Pendant Necklace is three dimensional and features a sleeping baby sloth hanging on a matching 24 inch chain. It comes in bronze or sterling silver white bronze.

Solid cast. Ships in a Moon Raven Designs gift box. Measures 5/8″ in both directions.

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Chrome Plated Sloth Keychain

Metal Sloth Keychain and Bottle Opener

This Metal Sloth Keychain and Bottle Opener features a smiling sloth peeking out from the center of the keychain. It is chrome plated and the sloth is encased in urethane on both sides.

Measures about 2.25″ high by 1.5″ wide.

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Slowly Slowly Slowly Said the Sloth Book

“Slowly, Slowly, Slowly,” said the Sloth Book

“Slowly, Slowly, Slowly,” said the Sloth is a great book for kids that parents will enjoy as well. With an eye toward expanding your little one’s vocabulary, this book encourages kids of all stripes to go at their own pace. Teaching children to never mind the nay-sayers is an important lesson and if it can be taught by a simply adorable collection of jungle animals, starring a sloth of course, then all the better!

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unleash the sloth

Unleash The Sloth! Book

This Unleash The Sloth! Book is perfect for those go-getters who might benefit from some advice on how to do a little less going and a little more getting. There is probably not a better choice for a gift for those who might be in need of a break from an intense project or high pressure situation at work or school.

The book is funny, insightful and could be just the ticket to boost the spirits while calming the nerves.

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sloth pom hat

Sloth Pom Hat

This Sloth Pom Hat is warm and cozy and oh so stylish! Everyone will see you on the slopes if you take this fellow skiing or snowboarding. Any sloth enthusiast would be thrilled to wear this hat to school or festive events.

Make a statement while you keep your noggin toasty this year with this unforgettably awesome sloth pom hat from Aurora.

It also comes in pink.

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Sloths 2015 Wall Calendar

Sloths 2015 Wall Calendar

This Sloths 2015 Wall Calendar will serve as a daily reminder to keep it calm and carry on as you go about your day at the office or at home. Organization is a hallmark of a peaceful mind and you can encourage a friend or relative to keep up on their appointments and other events with a smile if you give this fantastic collection of slothy cuteness as a gift.

This 28 page calendar has very high quality images that will melt your heart at a very nice price.

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Three Sloth Moon Shirt

Three Sloth Moon T-Shirt

This Three Sloth Moon T-Shirt resembles a popular graphic which you may have seen elsewhere which features a slightly more ferocious animal. Others may assume that your three sloth moon shirt is the a fore mentioned common shirt until they take a closer look and smile. It’s a sloth, not a wolf!

Perhaps a sloth more appropriately fits your personality or maybe you just can’t get enough of that cute face. Who needs a reason to where a shirt with not one, not two, but three sloths on it anyway?

It comes in both a men’s and a women’s cut.

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Sloth Case for iPhone 5

Sloth Case for iPhone 5

Keep your iPhone 5 safe with this Sloth Case for iPhone 5 by Head Case. It features an easy snap on style with tough yet lightweight plastic for adequate protection while maintaining the slick profile of your iPhone.

Phones are fragile and expensive. Save yourself the headache with this sloth Head Case. Click these links to see this case for iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 plus.

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sloth ankle socks

Sloth Ankle Socks

These Sloth Ankle Socks are very popular and it’s easy to see why. They feature happy little sloths on a teal background and are sure to brighten up any day. They fit women’s sizes 5-10.

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Sloth Mug 16 Ounces

Sloth Mug – 16 Ounce

This Sloth Mug holds a generous 16 ounces so you can slothily enjoy your coffee on a cold winter morning. Designed by Lorrie Veasey, it is made of durable high fired ceramic.

Dishwasher and microwave safe.

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Womens Sloth Tank Top

Women’s Sloth Tank Top

This Women’s Sloth Tank Top is a cute but classy tri-blend tank top with a sloth printed in black on a coffee colored shirt.

It hangs loosely for comfort and is great for workouts or everyday wear.

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little book of sloth

A Little Book of Sloth

A Little Book of Sloth is an adorable sloth picture book by sloth expert and filmmaker Lucy Cooke. The photos were taken at the Avarios Sloth Sanctuary in Costa Rica. The personalities of all the different sloths come through in these wonderful photos. A great gift for sloth lovers both young and old.

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purple knee high sloth socks

Purple Sloth Knee Socks

These Purple Sloth Knee Socks by Sock it To Me are the perfect gift for the female sloth lover in your life. They are high quality, comfy, and adorable – just the thing to wear around the house on a lazy winter day.

These sloth knee socks fit women’s shoe sizes 5-10. Made of cotton, spandex, and polyester.

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